Pak PM Shahbaz Sharif “ready” to sell off his clothes!

Sri Lanka saw huge riots with people marching on to the streets against the rising inflation and huge hike in prices. Unemployment rates have also increased in the country and people have decided to march against Prime Minister as well. President Gotaboya Rajapakse had to change Prime Minister for bringing some peace back.

Pakistan is also going down the same route. The new government after Imran Khan lost the confidence vote, formed by Shahbaz Sharif, brother of Nawaz Sharif, hiked the fuel prices by Rs. 30. Petrol costs Rs. 185 and diesel costs Rs. 177 in the country.

Shahbaz blamed Imran Khan government and said that IMF would only give them loans if they increase prices and hence, they increased. He then further blasted Imran Khan for continuing subsidy on fuel prices when he could have handled the situation better.

He later emotionally announced that he would sell off his clothes, if needed, if ten kgs wheat bag doesn’t come down to Rs. 400 and he would bring the prices down. He stated that inflation rise and unemployment rise have been neglected by Imran Khan for years and his brother, Nawaz Sharif, wouldn’t have let such situation to arise in the first place. He asked local governments to work towards decreasing prices and he gave an ultimatum that he aspires to see change in situation in few months time.

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