Not mandatory to wear a mask: UK PM

With the Omicron-induced coronavirus wave peaking in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that it is not mandatory to wear a facemask from next week. The government has announced the lifting of all Covid-19 restrictions. The Work From Home norm has also been lifted. 

The decision has been welcomed by a lot of folks who believe that restrictions are counter-productive. Adam Brooks recently propped up the example of France to argue that restrictions are useless. “France has a daily infection rate that is almost TRIPLE what the UK has. They have had Vaccine Passports since the summer, they have had heavy restrictions for months, mask mandates, border closures and more.. They have proven once and for all, these restrictions do not work,” he recently tweeted.

There is also a criticism that the PM has taken the decision for a political reason. Masks are better made mandatory until the pandemic becomes officially endemic. Actor David Schneider wrote, “I will continue to wear a mask because it protects others, helps our overstretched NHS, limits the spread of Covid and I don’t believe in people losing their lives to save Boris Johnson’s arse.”

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