Nitin Gadkari’s sensational comments go viral

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has been an important leader in BJP and after becoming National Party President, he got the chance to join NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Union Minister for Roadways and Transportation. He commented at an event that he has been fed up of current politics.

He commented that the politics have become power centric and leaders have been looking to attain power, position than work, serve and help people. He hasn’t been able to be happy in such environment and he has advised famous social activist Girish Gandhi to stay out of politics.

Girish Gandhi has been working for development of Maharashtra from past four decades. He joined Nationalist Congress Party and then resigned to it. Now, Nitin went to an event in Maharashtra that has been organized to honor Girish. Gadkari’s comments have gone viral as he stated the truth and perspective of many common people.

He also got trolled for his comments as he has been facing allegations in few scams. Many BJP followers have appreciated his honesty and asked him to serve people as much as he can and clean the system.

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