New Zealand women cricketers get same salaries as men!

Internationally Women Cricketers have raised the topic of Pay Disparity between Men’s salaries and women’s salaries after getting a central contract from their respective Country’s board. Australian women have been ruling the roost and dominating every team. They have also raised the issue about pay disparity.

Some Indian Women cricketers stated that if the women’s cricket gets as much viewership as Men’s cricket then they can raise this topic but they did agree that the pay disparity is too huge. New Zealand cricketers have asked their board to end this discussion and improve payments of women cricketers and some of them agreed to take pay cuts, if needed.

Now, they have stuck a deal that would give match fee parity to female cricketers. There will be difference in the amount they would earn yearly but the match fee will be same. New Zealand Cricket Board has taken the first step in decreasing the disparity. Both men and women will earn NZ$ four thousand for ODIs and NZ$ two thousand five hundred for Twenty twenties!

This is monumental for women’s cricket and INDIAN board should also look to introduce something like this for Indian women cricket to blossom.

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