New York raises age limit to own rifles

Amidst the mass shootings in USA, New York State Governor has taken a firm decision to implement strong Gun laws in the state. State Legislature passed bills to control Guns being owned by dangerous, unstable people. Also, state raised age limit to own semiautomatic rifles to 21 years of age. Even people above 21 years need license to buy a semiautomatic rifle and handguns.

These are called “RED FLAG” laws and they give Courts right to take away guns from people who are proven to be unstable and dangerous to the society. Governor, Kathy Hochul signed the bill and introduced them as laws in the state.

After her introduction of new laws, she spoke to the press and opined that US needs to act fast about bringing Gun control in the country. Under this new law, while Red flag laws are strengthened, semiautomatic rifles cannot be owned by citizens under the age 21 years.

As New York is one of the prime locations and financial capital of USA, it is the most populated state as well after California. New York tends to never sleep and in such state, stronger gun laws are much needed. The recent incident in Buffalo county, in the state propelled the democrats to bring this law sooner.

Republicans on the other hand have said that Gun control is needed but the public should be deprived of the right to own a gun. Public backlash against those statements has been trending topic on the Internet.

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