Netflix’s SHE Season 2 Web Series Review

Cast: Aaditi Pohankar, Kishore Kumar G, Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Sam Mohan, Suhita Thatte, Saqib Ayub, Sandeep Dhabale, Rohit Kokate, Mohammad Ali Baig, Resh Lamba

Series Created by Imtiaz Ali
Series Written by Imtiaz Ali, Manish Gaekwad, Anuja Gondhalekar, Divya Johry
Series Edited by Manish Jaitley
Series Cinematography by Amit Roy
Series Music by Gaurang Soni, Ishaan Chhabra
Series Directed by Arif Ali
OTT Platform: Netflix
Series Episodes: 07
18+ Show, Sexual content, cuss words

To say as a Plot, the series is more about how a policewoman transformed into a gangster. But then, it tries to add subplots of prostitution, women empowerment, the lack of self-respect among some women, cunning and manipulate men, sexual predators, more importantly Mumbai’s underbelly that draws people towards the world of crime. Once you are on the path of crime, the humanity in you dies bit by bit. You start to be sucked and seduced by the power that this world presents against those that tried to ill-treat you at every step. The world of crime can feel liberating for those who have been frustrated and fed up by the worldly responsiblities and predators.

Bhumi (Aditi Pohankar) after being given a task to enter into the gang of Nayak (Kishore) and seduce him, she manages to make him fall for her. While they both rub off on each other, her life as a prostitute changes her more than she could anticipate. She becomes a person whom the others can look up to and depend on. Nayak, on the other hand, with his sophisticated sense of power and authority keeps attracting her towards his style of life. Police officials who want to desperately nab Nayak depend more on Bhumi but they can’t even trust her to the core. Finally, she becomes what they all have feared.

Imtiaz Ali has a story structure planned out but his decision to write it as a seduction game between the devilish forces darkness and ruthless power, trying to portray darkness on both sides, the liberation that Bhumi feels after not being a police or a prostitute hasn’t come out properly. While the story idea is good, the tone is acceptable, the over dependence on the edgy sequences to carry forward the series and the over dependence on sexual scenes also puts one off at times. The melodrama added to these sequences feels like the writers are forcing you to feel the emotion rather than really showing it.

Aditi Pohankar delivered her best throughout by being the emotionless person Bhumi is. Even though she had to underplay at most places, with her body language, minimal expressions she managed to convey the character better. Kishore had to shift from being a ruthless criminal to a person who falls in love. With such powerful change in the character arc, he still becomes a caricature in few sequences. All other performers don’t leave an impact. SHE is an half engaging series with a good story line and better execution could have made it a must watch. For now, those who watch web series regularly, can watch it for sure as one time watch but for those who pick edgy content, this might be boring between the “interesting parts”.

Lead Performances
Engaging Action part
Edgy content handled better

Over-cooked Gangster angle
Random Character motivations
Melodramatic at times
Inconsistent tone

Rating: 2.5/5
Bottom-line: Engaging only in parts

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