NCBN clarifies on Atmakur bi-election and Polavaram

Nara Chandra Babu Naidu talked to his party leaders via Video Conference and told them that the party has strong ethics to follow. He said, “We have a policy to not contest any body against a member of the deceased MLA or MP family that stands for election from any constituency. Basing on this we have not put up any member to contest in Atmakur bi- election.”

He later continued to say, “I have been listening to these allegations from YSRCP leaders about Polavaram project. It is completely AP CM Jagan’s failure. He called for reverse tenders on Polavaram when even Union Government asked them to not change the construction agency. Due to this change, diaphragm wall has been damaged and not because of TDP Government.

“It has become a fashion for YSRCP government to blame everything on TDP and this has to stop. People are watching everything and soon they will answer to these atrocities that the leaders in government are committing. It is sad to see MLAs hitting officials and we condemn the act of Jakkampudi Raja hitting AE Suryakiran. Jagan needs to take an action and he seems to be supporting all this,” he lamented.

YCP Leader and Irrigation Minister, Ambati Rambabu again stated that Polavaram has been a failure because of TDP Government’s lack of proper planning and understanding not because of YCP. He said that soon they will find a right solution to move forward in completing the project.

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