Nayanthara’s O2 Movie Review

Nayanthara, Rithvik Raj, Barath Neelakantan

Edited by Selva Rk
Cinematography by A. Thamizhazhagan
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Written and Directed by G.S. Viknesh
Produced by S.R. Prabhu, S.R. Prakashbabu
Production Company: Dream Warrior Pictures

Dream Warrior Pictures are known for making new attempts and they produced highly praised Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Kaithi before. Now, they have given GS Viknesh a chance to prove his mettle with Nayanthara in the lead. She became Lady Superstar after giving hits like Kolamavu Kokila, Imaikka Nodigal, Aramm, Maya. She had OTT releases like Mookuthi Amman, Netrikann before. Both are streaming on DisneyPlus Hotstar. Now, she came up with O2 on the same platform on 17th June.

The plot of the film revolves around a mother Parvathy (Nayanthara) and son, Veera (Rithvik). Veera suffering from cystic fibrosis needs to carry oxygen cylinder to even breathe. Parvathy is a widower and she decides to dedicate her life to survival of her son. They get trapped in a bus while travelling to Kochi due to a landslide. What happens to Veera and how Parvathy saves him is the story.

Viknesh has written and directed the film. He took a very novel concept but delivered a very run-of-the-mill kind of a film. He came up with many social issues within the plot that is very thin and in itself is engaging if made well. But to add more layers to this thin plot, Viknesh tries to bring in the factors like wrath of nature, inter-caste marriage and lot more. Seems like his focussed narrative with only trying to build on the incident and the urgent requirement, tha t is survival, might have helped the film more. It seems he tried too much to bring in the social commentary in a movie that could have been an easy watch thriller.

Performances from Nayanthara, Rithvik who became famous with a Youtube channel, Bharath Neelakandan stand out. They keep us engaged for most part of the film. Had the writing been more competent their performances could have added to the overall impact. Right now, their performances drive the film but one needs lot more patience to sit through as the twists in the end don’t sit well with the story that we are promised in the first hour. Since, it is an OTT movie, you can give it a try for the actors performances.

Nayanthara – Rithvik chemistry
Performances of actors
Novel Concept

Over the top twists
Drag in the second hour

Bottom Line: Needs more Oxygen

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