Navjot Singh Sidhu gets one year jail sentence

Indian ex-cricketer who opened in Tests and batted in middle order in ODIs, Navjot Singh Sidhu became popular on TV for his intoxicating laughter and orating skills. He then joined politics in Punjab and became a key member of BJP. Recently, he joined Congress party and expressed his dissatisfaction about party decisions post defeat in assembly elections.

Now, he has been sentenced to one year jail in 1987 Road Rage Case. The cricketer is said to have hit Gurnam Singh on head after heated discussion on road. Relatives of Gurnam Singh allege that his single blow to head caused death of the victim.

Since then Navjot Singh Sidhu has been pleading his innocence in Court. A Sessions Court has acquitted him off all charges on the basis of no evidence and benefit of doubt, in 1999. In 2006, Punjab High Court convicted him and sentenced three years imprisonment.

Sidhu challenged this verdict in Supreme Court and in 2017, SC acquitted him off charges citing lack of evidence. Now, relatives pleaded Supreme Court to re-open and enlarge the scope of the case. Sidhu pleaded Court to not enlarge the scope citing previous judgement that stated lack of pertinent evidence.

Well, Supreme Court acquitted him of culpable homicide charges but found him guilty off voluntarily hurting Gurnam Singh. So, sentenced him for one year imprisonment. Sidhu will have appear in front of Court. He served as Member of Parliament when in BJP from Amritsar from 2004-2014. He served as Minister in Government of Punjab from 2017-2019. He had aspirations to become Chief Minister candidate in last elections.

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