National Highways: Modi government targeted for no reason

The Modi government has claimed that its track record on the National Highways front is massive. “India now has a network of more than 1,40,000 km of national highways as against 90,000 km in March 2014,” President of India Ramnath Kovind has been quoted as saying. 

Critics have pointed out that about 39,000 km have been added to the NH account by declaring State Highways as National Highways since 2014. 

Does this mean that no National Highways were added in 7 years? That’s not the case. Explaining the same, columnist Somnath Mukherjee says, “State highways, on notification as national highways, need to be upgraded to a minimum 4 lanes. It is the most efficient method of building NH, as it cuts short land acquisition time/costs.” 

Social media user Vikran writes, “Converting a Major District Road and Other District Roads to NH requires increasing the width by 2-3 times. Which requires cost, material, time and effort.” 

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