Nation celebrates Eid under separatists influence!

Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr on 3rd May. In more commonly known terms, Muslims around the world have ended Ramzan or Ramadan month on Tuesday. Normally, Eid celebrations in India bring with them a message of unity and positivity. But this time around the celebrations are very low key all around.

Separatists forces who are spreading religious intolerance could plan huge controversial activities to provoke violence among the peace loving common public on this day just like few did on Rama Navami. There could be retaliation by some extremists in Muslim community for the activities like shouting Jai Sri Ram in front of Masjids and marching in Muslim dominated areas with Hindu flags, done by extremists in Hindu.

Heavy amount of Police forces have been employed by Indian Government in the highly volatile areas. Hindi big budget movies release for Eid normally but this year, no big budget film has come out except for Heropanti 2. The movie failed to register a good opening. Salman Khan who usually releases his action entertainers did not plan any release this year.

Celebrities are coming out with positive messages to combat the negativity spread by radical forces. Nandamuri Balakrishna posted a special message wishing all his fans and common public on this occasion. Still, the divide is easily seen with usual festival environment in the country being absent. Let’s hope things change for better in the coming days.

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