Nani and Nazriya choose between Avakaya and Wine!

Nani became Natural Star in Telugu Cinema with his vivid choices of films and neighborhood boy looks. He is looking to transform the image to a mass hero but he wants to keep shifting between genres to keep his audiences interested in his new films.

He is currently working on Dasara, his Pan India film and promoting Ante Sundaraniki, a romantic comedy. Ante Sundaraniki is scheduled for a release on 10th June and the romantic couple of the movie took “This or That” challenge.

Nazriya Fahad, Raja Rani fame and wife of Fahad Fassil is debuting in Telugu movies with this film. She took the challenge with Nani and both had some interesting choices between Science or Maths, Avakaya or Wine and few more like that.

Vivek Athreya directed the movie for Mythri Movie Makers and Vivek Sagar composed music. Here you can watch them making their choices.

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