Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan despite China warning

Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, did not care for China warning. She landed in Taiwan despite China’s President Xi Jinping, directly warning Taiwan and then US to not interfere into their internal matters.

She flied from Indonesia to Taiwan and said that US has never forgotten about Taiwan. She has been received by Taiwan president, Tsai Ing-wen from the airport and she promised to maintain close relations with Taiwan and hence, she came to the country.

US Army tried to tell Pelosi to skip Taiwan visit but as she doesn’t listen to any such kind of requests, they have increased her security. China on the other hand, conducted military drills on their coast near to Taiwan.

As they have invited US Speaker visit against their wishes, China issued sanctions on Taiwan trade. They have banned Fish, fruits import from Taiwan and accused that they have corona virus in cold storage fish.

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