Muslim girl’s brother arrested for killing her husband

Syed Ashrin Sultana, 25 year old, married her long time beau Nagaraju recently. Her family did not approve of her decision and she has decided to go against their wishes. Her brother Syed Mobin Ahmed couldn’t let the married couple just live by themselves.

He followed their tracks and one night attacked them with his close friend Mohammad Masood Ahmed and murdered Nagaraju, in front of his sister brutally. He started beating Nagaraju and Sultana tried to stop him. She screamed for help from the onlookers but none came to help her in time.

Police have arrested both the murderers on Thursday and presented CCTV footage from the area as the primary evidence. According to the police reports, Sultana and Nagaraju ignored warnings of her family, mainly her brother, who repeatedly asked them to break off their relationship.

The CCTV footage is going viral and we can see Nagaraju being beaten brutally to death by Mobin while Sultana is pleading for help and trying all she can to save her husband. These days inter-caste and inter-faith marriages are growing and at the same time attacks on lovers and dishonor killings are also increasing. Can we find an amicable solution to this problem, where lovers need not have to sacrifice their love and parents come out of the false prestige bubble?

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