Multiplex chains listen to Telugu producers demands

Telugu film producers have stopped shootings of films under production and stopped even the pre-production of some films they have already accepted. Producers have decided to find solution for the crisis and apply them to the films they would produce in future.

Film Chamber of Commerce invited Multiplex Chains in India for a meeting to discuss about the ticket prices and food, beverages prices. Multiplex chains representatives attended the meeting and listened to the demands of the producers.

Producers have asked them to not increase the ticket prices that they have decided for their films. Also, they have asked them to decrease the food, beverages prices by reducing the quantity, if the current quantity cannot be given at a lower pricing. Also, they talked about the percentage of amounts that they can share between them out of the collections, looking at the current scenario.

Multiplex chains representatives have asked them to increase the theatrical window, prior to OTT release and if not let them increase the share percentage that they would get from the exhibition. Producers have accepted to increase the theatrical window. Multiplex chains have accepted to consider decreasing food, beverages prices while they have accepted to not increase prices of tickets that producers have decided for their films.

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