MP Asaduddin says Taj Mahal is reason for Petrol rates

MP Asaduddin Owaisi trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “bhakts” by saying, “Had Shah Jahan did not build Taj Mahal, petrol would have been just Rs.40 today”. He commented that Central Government had make it a habit to show minorities and Mughals as cause for every problem India is facing today.

He said, “India is our country. We are not from Pakistan or any other country. When the offer came to join Pakistan, we chose to be with India and as part of India. We are celebrating Independence of India like every Indian from past 75 years. We will be recognized as Indians anywhere in the world.”

He continued, “Every minority in this country will die in this country and live for this country. I am a part of that community. BJP should stop using Minorities and Mughals as shield for their incompetency. Today, India is facing issues like unemployment, inflation rise and we need solutions to those problems, NOW and not in PAST!”

He went on to troll those who try to bring Mughals and their rule into every argument and said, “Akbar is the reason for unemployment and Aurangazeb is the reason for inflation and Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal is the reason for petrol prices!”

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