More than 1000 killed in Afghan earthquake!

Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Indian provinces have felt the massive earthquake on Wednesday early morning. The severity of earthquake has been high in Afghan provinces. Afghan officials have reported that more than 1000 people have been found dead and 1500 people are injured.

The numbers could increase as the officials are digging and searching in the remote areas of Afghan villages. The magnitude of the earthquake is reportedly 6.1 on rector scale. Officials and volunteers are working hard to remove bodies from the debris and this could be categorized as massive natural disaster.

Afghan officials have welcomed help from any International Institutions. They are asking for organizations to look at this incident with humane eye and help them on humanitarian grounds however they can.

The damage caused by earthquake in Pakistan is yet to be reported. Afghanistan officials have been fairly open and helpful in this dire situation. United Nations has announced to help the country to recover from this crisis.

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