Mohan Babu sounds philosophical about ‘Son Of India’

‘Son Of India’ is all set to hit the cinemas on February 18. Directed by Diamond Ratnababu, it also features Pragya Jaiswal and Srikanth.

In his latest interview, Mohan Babu said that the fate of the movie is predetermined. “I don’t claim that it will be a hit or blockbuster. I used to say such things in the past, though. Everything goes as per God’s design,” he said.

At the pre-release event of the movie, Lakshmi Manchu sounded confident and stated that she can’t estimate how much the vigilante drama is going to mint at the box office.

With music by Ilaiyaraja, ‘Son Of India’ lunges for setting up private jails all over the country so that innocents don’t bear the brunt of a lax criminal justice system.

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