MM Keeravani trolls Resul Pookutty and deletes Tweet

Resul Pookutty, who won Oscar for Sound of Slumdog Millionaire worked for 2.0 and Pushpa films. He never got a chance to work with SS Rajamouli and he openly stated that he did not like Baahubali films. Had he talked about his personal opinion post watching the films, it would have been great.

Unnecessarily, he decided to talk about RRR, which has been receiving huge appreciation Worldwide. He called it, “Gay Love Story”. He supported his words saying that he did not mean any demeaning or abuse towards the film after Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda took offence to his comments.

He said, “Agree totally. Absolutely nothing wrong even if it was. I merely quoted2 my frnd,d banter that already exists in public domain &nothing else. There is no stooping factor in this.U don’t have2 take it seriously Shobu, I didn’t mean any offense2 any stake holders. I rest my case here!”

Music composer MM Keeravani tweeted a reply to Shobu Yarlagadda and cleverly trolled using Upper Case letters high lighting a curse word in Telugu from Resul Pookutty’s name. He deleted the tweet and then said, “He learned HOW TO TYPE”.

MM Keeravani Trolls Resul
MM Keeravani Trolls Resul

Well, he just trolled and untrolled Resul for unnecessarily making comments that don’t suite to his stature in the movie industry as a respected Sound Engineer. By the way, after the comments Pushpa The Rise movie received for Sound output in the starting few days, he had been “reportedly sacked” from the second part, Pushpa The Rule. Does this controversy has a hand in this decision? If it does, then not involving into unnecessary controversy will always help us keep our reputation in public and job too!

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