Minions The Rise of Gru Movie Review

Despicable Me is one of the biggest animation film franchise in recent years after Toy Story franchise. Toy Story makers Disney/Pixar came up with Lightyear, based on the character back story that inspired for children to have the toy, Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans gave voice to the character in this film. Now, Despicable Me franchise brought a prequel film talking about the rise of Gru, the greatest villain before becoming the villain. Let’s discuss about the film …

Minions look cute. Minions make children happy. But an entire film cannot be plotless and just based on minions running from one place to another. Despicable Me films had plot points that interlaced Minions into the main story but did not just have them as their only USP. When the novelty of watching them wears off, you need some story to carry us forward as well. While title suggests the movie is about Gru, Minions dominate the screen space and only few jokes work.

The novelty of watching some tiny creatures pulling off difficult and unexpected tasks wears off faster than one can think and this franchise needs stronger plot points or better screenplays to sustain the interest further. Lightyear is not a bad film but still it did not meet with the enthusiasm at the box office. The major reason being the story telling and strory line in that film. It looked like an extended episode of Star Wars and nothing much.

Here, it looks like an episode of Duck Tales, Popeye and nothing more. Despicable Me films promised much more than just Minions rolling out on the roads and slopes. The jokes needed to be much more innovative rather than few that look like sequences re-imagined from famous films using Minions instead of original characters. Children might like few scenes and get entertained to an extent but they would feel bored by a plot that moves nowhere. Jokes that don’t really work. Few scenes with Minions do manage to evoke some laugh.

Bottom-line: Can wait for OTT release.

Rating: 2/5

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