Megastar Chiranjeevi prays for the safety of Telugu doctor in Ukraine

Earlier, there was news that Giri Kumar Patil, a Telugu doctor who decided to stay back in Ukraine for his pets Panther and Jaguar. Mr Giri Kumar also shared a video message that he requested the Indian government to evacuate his pets along with him.

In a video, this doctor also shared that he started grooming Panther and Jaguar after watching his favourite star Megastar Chiranjeevi acted with Jaguar in one of the films. The Acharya actor who came to know this through a popular Telugu web portal was delighted and touched by Giri Kumar’s love for Jaguars and Panthers because of his inspiration.

Megastar prayed for the safety of Giri Kumar Patil during the challenging period and wished the war would end soon and normalcy be restored at the earliest. Meanwhile, he requested him to stay safe and take care of the pets.


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