Meet First Indian Sologamy – Kshama Bindu

Have you seen movie, Queen? Kanagana Ranaut played the title role and in that movie she goes on her Honeymoon single after her boyfriend ditches on their wedding day. She discovers herself and grows confident during the trip as she handles her issues of being over dependent and under-exposed to world.

Now, meet an even bolder version of Queen – Kshama Bindu. She has decided to marry herself. This is next level of self-love that today’s youth has caught up on. She hail from Gujarat and is a software employee. She is just 24 years old.

She will marry herself on 11th June and then will go to Honeymoon as well, as by herself. This kind of marriage is called, Sologamy. Few women in foreign countries have done this. Kshama Bindu is the first Indian to perform Sologamy.

She revealed that her family as accepted her decision and she will be getting married with all traditions in Gotri Temple and will go to Goa for Honeymoon. She said that it is important to accept ourselves without any reservations, unconditionally. She further said, “I am stating that with my marriage and this will be my message to all women out there, “You are important and you should love yourself!”

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