Mayawati’s BSP to flop big-time this election: Analysts

From political commentators to opinion polls, everyone is saying one thing in common this time: The 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are going to make Mayawati all the more marginal in politics. 

It’s said that BSP might not garner a vote-share of more than 13-14% this time. A bulk of her party’s vote share is going to be won over by the SP. SP and BSP forming a Ghatbandhan in UP in 2019 didn’t work well for SP. But BSP derived some benefit. This time, there is no alliance. 

A section of commentators is of the view that a lot of Muslim and Jatav Dalit voters of BSP are thinking that, post election results on March 10, Mayawati might ally with BJP if the saffron party falls short of majority. That’s why they are switching over to SP. 

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