Mamata Banerjee sworn to die before Bengal splits

West Bengal Chief Minister and Tirnamool Congress Chief, Mamata Banerjee aka Didi, on 7th June, made a strong statement that she would die before letting Bengal split into different parts. She alleged BJP trying to bring divisional politics into the state just to gain votes in 2024 assembly and parliament elections.

She said,” Some people are trying to terrorize me and warn me that they will kill me. I am not going to fear for such empty and shallow warnings.” She further said, ” BJP has lost plot in the state and to establish themselves, they have come up with demands of separating West Bengal.”

She then announced her decision to never let the separatists win. “I will happily die before letting Bengal spilt. I will take any number of bullets, shed blood but will never let separatists win. BJP should stop bringing up Gurkhaland, North Bengal state demands further. Separate communities have been living in peace from years together. With these demands do not harm their peace. I would not tolerate this,” she warned BJP and separatists parties.

Earlier Kanthapur Liberation Chief Jeevan Singla issued a death warning to CM Mamata Banerjee and said that he will see her blood for sure. Mamata Banerjee replied to his warning in her own style.

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