Major Fire Accident in Grand Spicy Bawarchi Hotel, Hyd

In Hyderabad, on Saturday 28th May morning, people living Raidurgam Grand Spicy Bawarchi Hotel feared for their life. The hotel staff ran on to the rooftop of their building after fire broke out in the building.

According to the reports, Fire broke out in the second floor and spread out to the top floors. People inside the building downstairs ran out and people in top floors ran to the rooftop. 14 staff members got stuck in fire and Fire fighters came immediately as they got the news.

They worked with 4 jumbo cranes and sky lifts to bring the panicking staff members out of the 2nd floor and then slowly brought down others on the rooftops. They worked for two hours to bring the fire under control.

The reason for fire outbreak is being investigated. For starters, the firefighters think fire broke in hotel kitchen and spread across. Once the total report out, we would know the complete reason behind the fire accident.

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