KTR says he will resign if BJP proves him wrong

KTR, Minister of IT, Telangana State, participated at an event in Amistapur Village, Mahabubnagar district on 4th June. He inaugurated the works for 18 crores valued Bridge and a municipality sports ground. Later, he spoke at the event stage addressing public.

He said, “BJP Government at Centre has been showing high discrimination against Telangana state. We have paid Rs. 3.65 lakh crores in taxes to Union Government and they have allotted us only Rs. 1.68 lakh crores till date.”

He further claimed that Central Government did not heed to the State Government pleas to start a railway line between Karnataka-Vikrabad and Gadwal-Macherla. Later he alleged the Central government for not releasing even one rupee for Palamuru Rangareddy lift irrigation dam, even though they have promised to make it a National Project.

KTR then challenged BJP leaders. He said, “If they can prove I am wrong, my claims are wrong, I am ready to resign for my Minister post any minute.” People attended his meeting in large capacity.

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