KTR asks Union Govt to revive Adilabad Cement Factory

KTR, Telangana Minister announced his United Kingdom trip and Davos visit for World Economic Forum meet from 22nd to 26th May on Twitter. He is hopefully of attracting more foreign investments to Telangana state and wishes to spearhead the economic revolution, growth in the state.

KTR also appealed to Union Minister, Piyush Goyal to revive Cement Corporation of India unit in Adilabad. He assured that Telangana Government will extend all the necessary support as it will bring employment opportunities to youth in Adilabad.

Recently, at Nagarjuna Sagar, he said that KCR, CM of Telangana. envisions a Telangana that is prospering and never face water issues or erosion or lack of opportunities. He stated that Telangana will be developed as state of opportunities for world to look at. Well, he seems to be working towards keeping those words.

Adilabad Cement Corporation as a history of 38 years and in recent years it has been facing tough competition from private players. TRS Government tried to revive the factory by providing some incentives but the unit is running in heavy losses.

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