Kodali Nani threatens BJP leader Purandhareshwari!

Gudivada Constituency YSRCP MLA Kodali Nani threatened BJP leader Purandhareshwari. He alleged her off stopping a very necessary fly over in Guidivada for few shop owners. He threatened her to stop such political tactics against Gudivada people.

He said that they all will stop trains from running in Guidvada if the flyover works are stopped. He said, “NTR, your father, represented Gudivada Constituency twice, Purandhareshwari stop playing tactics for political mileage. Stop harming Gudivada development.”

He further said, ” We, Gudivada people will sleep on tracks and not allow any trains to run from Gudivada if flyover works over Railway Gates are stopped. We all want the flyover as that will help many commuters. Just for ten shop owners we cannot sacrifice the flyover.”

Kodali Nani used to be very close associate of Nandamuri Family and an important leader in TDP. He joined YSRCP after a fall out with NCBN and now, he has been directly targeting Chandrababu Naidu and Nandamuri Family, in his verbal attacks.

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