KGF 2 teams up with RCB

The team KGF 2 was promoting the movie pretty aggressively on all platforms across the nation. The KGF 2 production house set a new benchmark in promotions. It was associated with RCB to bring movies, sports, and other content. 

They both together are ready to thrill the nation which was born in Bangalore. This is a great move by Homable Films. This partnership with RCB takes their KGF 2 to every corner across the globe. It reaches every person who loves IPL.. 

This strategy fetches great results definitely and it will be proved in the form of collections at the global box office. Already, there is a huge demand for its tickets. In overseas, and Hindi markets, its advance sales are phenomenal. 

As per the trade analysts, it will open to earth shattering numbers. The advance bookings in Telugu states will start today.

KGF 2 strikes the box office on 14th April 2022. 

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