Kate Moss testifies in support of Johnny Depp

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has moved to court against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, filing a defamation case for 50 million USD. Amber Heard in reply put a 100 Million USD case on Depp, saying that he tried to physically and mentally abuse her during their relationship.

In her testimony and her lawyers filing, they claimed that Depp pushed Kate Moss, his then girl friend in 1990’s and once he tried to push her sister off the stairs, thinking she was Kate Moss under the influence of drugs. She cried and stated that she adhered deep mental and physical scars during their relationship and marriage.

In reply, on Wednesday 25th of May, Depp refuted all her claims and stated that all her claims were brutal, cruel, painful, ludicrous, horrible, savage, humiliating and unimaginably brutal, ridiculous. When cross-examined by Amber lawyers about some text messages, he replied that he never sent them and someone might have used his phone or they might have been doctored.

He told the court that in his life, he never abused any person physically and no human is perfect. Kate Moss connected via video call from UK and stated that she was never pushed or physically harmed by Depp. In reference to the incident referred by Amber and her lawyers, she stated that she fell down the stairs slipped during their vacation in Jamaica, back in 1990’s, when they dated. She further stated that Depp carried her from the stairs and called for medical help, attended to her as well.

Johnny Depp again said to the court that he has been carrying an unwanted burden on his shoulders from past six years due to Amber Heard’s false allegations. He said that he lost Pirates of Caribbean film and Fantastic Beasts films due to her allegations against him in print media.

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