Karate Kalyani meets Collector and submits proofs!

Child Welfare Association officials went to Karate Kalyani house on 16th May to investigate the details about child illegal adoption. They have declared that Kalyani is absconding and as per the initial information they gathered Kalyani illegally adopted a girl child and she also adopted another girl.

Karate Kalyani along with parents of the kids she is going to adopt visited District Collector office and submitted details to the collector about her intention to adopt the baby legally from parents. Even the parents of the kid have supported her claims, say reports.

Collector has asked for Child welfare officials to appear in front of him and give details about the case. Karate Kalyani talking to press claimed that Collector understood her case that she did not commit any crime. She aggressively bashed the Youtube channels that wrote about her and tried to showcase her a child abductor, child trafficker.

She said that some politically powerful people are trying to malign her and she won’t easily budge. She also said that the recent news developments have hurt her and her family. She explained that she is single and wanting to be parent is not a crime. She claimed that she only wanted to question someone who is committing mistake and she is being harassed for that.

Earlier, Karate Kalyani has been alleged to have forced parents who cannot afford to maintain multiple children to accept for adoption. And also she has been alleged to use them for working at her home and also she has been picturized as a person running child trafficking gang.

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