Kalaavathi Hindi song is now a sensation!

Superstar Mahesh Babu and SS Thaman’s Kalaavathi which was released on the account of Valentines Day has become a huge sensation. There were thousands of reels made on this song. It not only reached youth but also family audiences too.

Kalaavathi song has surpassed over 60 Million views. In this digital world, there is no scarcity for talent. Now, Prakash Prabhakar from the North have recreated the Kalaavathi Hindi version brilliantly.

He have recreated Kalaavathi Hindi version with beautiful lyrics. And the Hindi song has perfect lip sync to visuals in Kalaavathi Telugu. And it was known that Sarkaru Vaari Paata would have direct Hindi release in theatres along with Telugu version.

After listening to the Hindi version of Kalaavathi, everyone will feel that even those who got SVP Hindi dubbing rights can’t dub this song amazingly like he did. The lyrics, lipsync, and vocals, everything is perfect.

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