‘Kabali’ actress Sai Dhanshika picks a tricky role for Telugu debut

Sai Dhanshika was seen as Rajinikanth’s daughter in ‘Kabali’. The actress is making a debut in Telugu after doing a number of Tamil movies.

Titled ‘Shikaaru’, the movie has the actress in the role of a married woman who befriends a man and goes for an extra-marital affair. Will she get caught by her husband? How does she hide her paramour? Will her relatives blow her cover? Comedy has been built around these questions.

The role is tricky, considering that it’s a risky thing for a mainstream actress to play a wife who has an extra-marital affair. Moreover, the film is a comedy and there is the risk of the jokes being below the belt if the director wants to play to the gallery. Let’s see what is in store for Sai Dhanshika!

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