Jujutsu Kaisen Zero Movie Review

Jujutsu Kaisen has been a huge hit in anime industry from Japanese Manga. The team looking at the success of the TV series decided to bring it in film form and give the series a prequel. Some of the popular characters from series have been part of the movie with Sataru Gojo as the teacher of the new joining students in Jujustu High School.

The animation deserves huge round of applause in the film. The world created with the visuals add to the mystery and dark world that the main characters like Yuta Okkotsu, Toge Inumaki, Maki Zennin go through. Yuta joins the school to learn to control the curse, he has been carrying while others have progressed in adapting. Sataru Gojo believes that Yuta can achieve the control and has it in him to do the right thing with proper direction. Yuta decides to give up and die willingly, so that the curse doesn’t harm others. Gojo looking at the struggle of the youngster calls love the most twisted emotion.

Well, not revealing the entire details here, the journey of the characters giving the physical form to the burden of memories as curses that are nutured by negative environment, writers have come up with a complex yet clever plot. Mixing it into simple routine line for children, somehow makers don’t hold back on the gore elements. The emotions shown that the main character goes through, we can connect to them, immediately.

Director Sunghoo Park decided on representing the emotions of the characters through visuals and each frame dwells deeper into the emotions that the main character goes through. Narrative doesn’t try to be simple keeping the complexity alive at the same time unraveling things at a pace that you have time to understand and connect with everything shown on the screen. It surprises one who is watching Japanese Manga for the first time, how the makers could include so much emotion and tell such a tale in anime. It is the journey of the main character that makes this an experience and an unique one at it, if you’re new to the manga. If you’ve been watching these, this one adds on to the “good watch” list for sure.

Bottom-line: Good Watch for Manga lovers

Rating: 3/5

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