JNTUH allows students to take a break between years

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad has decided to let Engineering Students take a break from persuasion of Degree from 2nd year. National Educational Policy has granted permission to students to take break between years and they will be awarded degree certificate corresponding to the year they decide to take a break.

It means if a student takes break from engineering after first year they get a certificate, after second year they get diploma, after third year they get degree and during fourth year they get a honors degree. JNTUH has decided to apply this policy and grant the students choice to take a break from the course for any valid reason. Students pursuing engineering degree under JNTUH can take break from second year.

Also, to increase the number of students in core subjects like Electronics, Mechanical and Civil, JNTU is planning to change the syllabus and introduce computer science subjects as electives, hence they won’t be missing out on computer engineering jobs.

JNTUH in coming year will register in Academic Bank of Credits and almost 160 subject experts will be involved to decide on the syllabus change.

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