Jathiratnalu Anudeep pulls a “Nelson” for SK’s Prince!

Nelson Dilipkumar became highly famous because of his “Vera Maari” comment on Anirudh Ravichander’s Chellamma song for Doctor. He and Sivakarthikeyan played themselves but more exaggerated funnier versions, in the announcement and music video. That became hugely famous.

Hence, they did such a feat involving Thalapathy Vijay in their next Beast as well. Halamathi Habibo song, titled as Arabic Kuthu announcement video also went viral with Nelson timing. Sivakarthikeyan and “Jathiratnalu” fame director, KV Anudeep seems to have liked that aspect pretty much.

Talking about postponement of the film, they played exaggerated versions of themselves. Anudeep with his line, ” Ikkada yaruku evvu erakkam illa” made the video funny and Sivakarthikeyan, Satyaraj and heroine Maria also joined them.

Sivakarthikeyan’s Prince has been postponed to Diwali and it does mean unofficially AK61 featuring Ajith Kumar won’t come for Diwali as anticipated. This will be first bilingual for SK and Anudeep as well. Looks like they both have gelled well.

Funny Announcement Video Check out here

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