Is Hindutva a factor this election season?

The BJP has been accused of making the UP Assembly election all about Hindutva by some analysts. Its leaders have raised issues like Ram Mandir in a passing manner in speeches. The Varanasi corridor is about development plus Hindutva. So, is Hindutva a factor in this election or not?

A majority of analysts are of the view that Hindutva features in the Top 5 list or so. But it’s not the only glue. Most voters in UP and Uttarakhand are bothered mostly about material development. In this regard, the BJP has a huge edge over the SP in Uttar Pradesh. Free ration, infrastructure, law & order are non-Hindutva issues on which Yogi Adityanath is said to have done very well. 

Hindutva is a factor among a good chunk of urban voters. 

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