India’s First Private Rail flagged off!

India Railways started contemplating on encouraging private parties into maintaining and running trains between few prime locations. They wanted to see if bringing in private players can make travelers comfortable with the services provided.

They introduced Bharat Gaurav Trains and according to this scheme, a service provider can lease trains and run them for a fixed period. First Bharat Gaurav Train will run from Coimbatore North station to Sai Nagar Shridi in Maharastra.

It will touch Mantralayam and there it will halt for 5 hours for all the passengers to visit Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy Temple. It will cover several historical destinations as well. The package includes AC room at Shridi and vegetarian meals, Bus trips too along with VIP Darshans at Temples.

If this scheme turns out to be successful more destinations could get this kind of private trains with return packages of 5 days to 7 days trips. This trip is a 5 days package with return planned too.

Private Rail under Bharat Gaurav Scheme
Private Rail under Bharat Gaurav Scheme

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