Indian Pollution reduces life expectancy by 5-6 years

Indian Air Pollution has been recorded to be one of the highest percentages in the world and Indian cities are marked as the most polluted cities in the world. Delhi, Lucknow and most North Indian cities have been rated amongst the most polluted cities.

Now, University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute survey has given out very alarming results. According to the survey, the life expectancy of Indians will be reduced by 5-6 years. While most polluted country, Bangladesh citizens life expectancy has been reduced by 6.9 years.

Life Expectancy of people living in Lucknow city has been expected to reduce by 9-10 years. And in Delhi due to the pollution, residents life expectancy could reduce by 10 years. If the authorities and people don’t wake up early and act immediately, more than 50 crores people living in Ganga, Indus, Brahmaputra river basins will face 8 years reduction in life expectancy.

Well, survey results regarding the growing pollution in India and neighboring South East Asian countries is highly alarming to say the least. If we do not act today, then we might be the culprits for future generations for sure.

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