Indian Brahmos Supersonic Missile Test Fire successful

Indian Air Force has tested Brahmos Supersonic Missile using Sukhoi warcraft and the missile test fire has been successful. Brahmos Supersonic missile has been fired from SU-30MKI fighter aircraft and it hit the target in Bay of Bengal successfully.

Brahmos missile has been able to hit 350 km range target, an upgrade from 290 km range target. The missile files at a speed of 2.8 Mach, which is three times the speed of the sound. Indian Air Force for the first time used a Sukhoi aircraft to launch Brahmos missile and it has successful fired the missile at the desired range.

Indian Air Force is now strengthened to hit targets that are 350 Kms in range at supersonic speeds that too while flying Sukhoi aircrafts. This aides to the abilities of IAF as one of the most destructible forces.

Brahmos missiles have been designed by India in collaboration with Russia for Brahmos aerospace project. Further IAF plans to increase the Brahmos missile range to 400 Kms, 450 Kms and 500 kms.

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