India to encourage private players in Space Program!

Indian Space Program is in the hands of public sector and private investors are not given permissions to participate. This situation could soon change as new space policy is in works and principal scientific advisor, Ajay Kumar Sood confirmed it.

According to him, Centre has been keen on bringing in private players into the scheme of things to encourage the manufacturing of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites which can revolutionize the Space technology.

He said that Space Technology can be used for betterment of humankind and soon, the changes will be seen. Government will soon send the new policy to Empowered Technology Groups for further calibration. He opined that if the policy come into action that India can also have Space X kind of private manufacturers in the game.

He commented that low cost satellites will be a change that Space Industry is looking forward to and India can explore the field to become pioneers in manufacturing of Satellites in low cost sector. With PM Modi talking about how India is growing as a Start-up nation, this new policy might soon come into action to strengthen Indian Space Technological Sector.

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