India and Pak to play Asia Cup opener

India and Pakistan have been archrivals even on cricket field along with them being rivals Internationally, politically and border dispute wise. While the country is facing inflation and financial crisis, Pakistan cricket has some exciting talents coming up.

India vs Pak, may not have similar emotion like in 90’s but people want to see the neighbors play each other. Pakistan players do well against India and look to perform at their best any time. Both of them have been scheduled to play first Asia Cup match on 28th August in Dubai.

In simple words, India and Pakistan will play after more than a year in Asia Cup on 28th August in Dubai. The tournament will be happening in Dubai, UAE. India and Pak are in same group and they will face qualifier among UAE, Kuwait, Singapore and Hong Kong. In Group B, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan have been placed to fight each other. From 28th August to 11th September, the tournament will be held in 20 overs Format.

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan are expected to give tough fight to each other. With the kind of talent Indian team poses, if they don’t reach finals, it would be a huge upset. Post West Indies tour, Indian cricketers will get much deserved break before they get ready to play Asia Cup and ICC T20I World Cup.

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