Hyderabad will never face water issue: KTR

Telangana State Minister, KTR, visited Nagarjuna Sagar and praised his father, State CM Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao for his future planning and eye for long term benefits. He said that people of Hyderabad and politicians will be thankful to KCR forever for the kind of work he is accomplishing.

He claimed that Telangana will become most developed state in India and Hyderabad will cross Delhi in creating jobs, will become one of the highly prospective city in India. He said that in future Hyderabad will expand adding surrounding 100 kms. “Hyderabad has all the advantages to host businesses and environmental flexibilities too”, he opined.

KTR further said that Mission Bhageeratha is bringing water to dry places in the state and Hyderabad will never face water issue as Sunkisala project will be finished by next Summer. Like Kaleswaram project, Telangana State will finish Sunkisala project also to catch 100 TMC water and this will be supplied to Hyderabad city.

He predicted that Hyderabad city by 2077 will need 77 TMC water and TRS Government is preparing to fulfil 100 TMC demand. He said that under the visionary leadership of KCR, Telangana will be placed on the World Map as one of the most prospering states of India, in coming years.

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