Hyderabad: Technology helped in Nagaraju murder!

Everybody felt sympathy for young bride Syed Asrin Sultana when her brother brutally murdered her husband Nagaraju, in front of her eyes. She stated shock and disgust against her family, society who did not come to rescue her.

Police investigation has revealed some more shocking facts about how technology that can help you in positive way can be used for negative things too. Syed Mubin, brother of Asrin, hacked into the g-mail account of Nagaraju and then used, “Find My Device” option to track him.

After keeping a track of his regular moments, Mubin and his brother-in-law planned the attack and killed Nagaraju brutally. Asrin and mother of Nagaraju are asking for capital punishment for Mubin and his co-conspirator.

Asrin and Nagaraju were in a relationship for ten years before they got married. Asrin’s parents did not accept their marriage and her brother performed this dishonor killing for his religious beliefs. Mubin and his co-conspirator are shifted to Charlapalli Jail after Court mandated them to be sent to Jail.

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