Karimnagar: Hoax call about bomb in Malls!

We see in films, a young man or woman try to play phone call pranks and they tend to identify a situation or a person apt for them to play such pranks. Hoax calls from pranksters involving bombs in some or other public places have become common too, unfortunately.

In Karimnagar, on 16th May, a prankster called VRK Silks, Mangalya, South Indian Shopping Mall stores and said that he planted bomb at the stores. The managements of these malls feared if someone really did plant bombs and gave complaint to police.

Karimnagar Police for two hours searched every inch of the said stores/malls and concluded that it is an hoax call. They identified the prankster using his mobile number and are now investigating him for his prank.

Well, if malls decide to press charges and ask for compensation from him for causing mental stress and blockage in their business hours, then he might have to pay heavy amounts. It would be better play pranks that won’t cost people around us and harm ourselves too.

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