Hyderabad Doctor AM Reddy gets UK Award

Hyderabad Doctor AM Reddy will be honoured by UK Parliament for his extensive research and work in finding cure for incurable disease like Autism and ADHD in children. Dr. AM Reddy dedicated his life to treating Autism and ADHD by establishing dedicated clinics in the name of Dr Care Autism center in Hyderabad.

He development prevention for Autism in children by using Homeo Immunotherapy. This is regarded a giant step in Homeopathy medicine. This discovery has lead to this honor from UK Parliament.

AM Reddy researched about the root cause for Autism and identified that due to medication while pregnancy in women, fetus develops side effects that cause autism, ADHD in children upon birth. He is researching about preventing medication during pregnancy for women and instead he is developing alternative methods to keep pregnant women safe and secure.

The doctor will present the research paper in UK Parliament when he receives his honor. He aims to eradicate Autism and ADHD conditions forever. We congratulate the doctor for his ground-breaking work and inspiring future generations.

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