How music and yoga help you bust the stress clouts?

International Yoga Day and World Music Day happen to come on same day every June. The longest day of the year, 21st June, is the best day for looking after your health. We have many things around us that cause huge amount of stress.

  • Can’t buy a pickle/ vegetable/ edible item/ a tomato – stress!
  • Can’t attend a meeting on time – stress!
  • Did not submit a project on time – stress!
  • Couldn’t arrive on time from village or vacation to office – stress!
  • Working for 8 hours non-stop and manager extends the day – stress!
  • Payment of EMI got delayed – Stress!
  • Salary delayed by a day or two – Double Stress!
  • Fav. hero’s movie talk is mixed – Super Duper Stress!
  • Exam results to release today – Hyper Stress
  • We failed a subject that we thought would pass or even top – lifetime Stress!
  • We sat for 6 hours straight at family function – Head Boiling Stress
  • Wife and friends asked for your company for shopping – Purse looks at us emotionally Stress
  • Water stops right when you’re in the middle of bathing – Smelly Stress
  • Film postpones/ Collections are less/ Other hero collections are high – Sadness/Jealous Stress
  • Mother or Father insults in front of relatives – Routine Stress
  • Need to study for Tests – Clueless Stress

And so on… and so on…

Stress doesn’t leave us just like that KGF 2 dialogue – “Stress… Stress… I hate it. But Stress likes me. Can’t Avoid!” So, to get over this stress we need something in life to help us function orderly and properly.

Yoga helps us in improving concentration. Just meditate in one poster for 5 minutes in a day and once it becomes a habit, you will see more differences. Once your concentration levels improve, your working time doesn’t feel stressful. Health wise too, your body will start to feel more energized and healthy.

When you add music to it, music has the strength to help you forget the surroundings around you. It can help you concentrate, motivate yourself and even at times when stress makes you angry, music will help you recover. Try listening to something melodious when you are stressed out, you will notice your brain creating a happy place for you to get lost in it. Try listening to a happy song when you’re feeling least motivated, your brain will create energy to remit.

Like this mixing yoga and music helps you bust the stress clout on daily basis. Results won’t be immediate like quick action tablets promise but these are healthy life practices which will help you life long. It is not Longest Day, it is not International Yoga Day and it is not World Music day, it is actually World Stress Relief Day. Just embrace it!

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