Hijab row to affect Muslim voter choices in UP?

Analysts are wondering if the ongoing Hijab row in Karnataka is going to affect the voting preferences of Muslim women and men in Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP has claimed that many Muslims are supporting the BJP government this time.

As per commentators, the Hijab row has increased a sense of alienation among Muslim voters. Visuals from Karnataka are not helping their sense of security, they are saying.
Then there are those who are arguing that Muslim women who don’t like to wear hijab or burqa are scared that the SP, if it comes to power, might pander to the diktats of the orthodox Islamist forces in a bid to appease them and make Hijab/Burqa compulsory in educational institutions. They may instead choose to cast their vote for BSP, if not BJP. 

It will take agencies like Axis My India and CSDS to gauge the voter mood in the medium-term. 

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