Here is when the IPL 2022 final will be held!

Everything is prepping for the IPL 2022. Due to the Covid, BCCI has fixed four venues Wankhede, DY Patil, Brabourne and Pune to play the IPL matches. All these IPL games will be played in Maharashtra. This time, there are no home venues for the IPL teams. Each team has to play 14 IPL games, Wankhede Stadium(4), DY Patil Stadium(4), Brabourne Stadium(3), and MCA, Pune(3) respectively.

As quoted by CricBuzz, IPL teams will face their respective group teams twice and one team from the other group twice. They play the remaining 4 teams from the opposition group once. 55 matches are set to host at Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne Stadium, DY Patil Stadium and 15 matches in Pune in IPL 2022.

The IPL 2022 final will be conducted on 29th May 2022 and it will begin by the end of March. The IPL governing council will reveal the complete schedule of IPL Season 2022 anytime soon.

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