HDFC Bank goof-up: Crores credited in several accounts

HDFC Bank employees goofed up on 30th May and several account holders reported that they have received amounts up to Rs.13 crores in their accounts. More than 100 bank accounts in Tamil Nadu state have received Rs. 13 crores and all have been frozen for now.

Bank employees have stated that a technical error has caused for such a mishap and employees did not deposit any amount. Account holders have been surprised and shocked to see so much money being deposited in their accounts.

Similar incident happened in Telangana state, when a fruit vendor reported that Rs. 18.52 crores have been deposited in his account. He has become viral news on several social media channels already.

He expressed shock over receiving such amount and expressed exasperation that his account has been frozen and he cannot transact. Bank issued clarification to media stating that technical goof up will be cleared soon. How great it would be to see such amount being deposited for real?

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